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Non-Emergencies:  Four Things That Appear Scary but Are Not Emergencies


  1. Reverse sneeze.  This sounds like a prolonged, repetitive snort. It typically will resolve within seconds to a minute.  If it is not, please bring your animal in for an examination.
  2. Occasional vomiting.  It's not unusual for a dog to vomit occasionally because of eating too much, eating too quickly or eating something he or she shouldn't have.  Most dogs do best when they are fed two meals per day rather than one large meal.  Frequent vomiting is not normal and needs to be addressed.
  3. Knee cap popped out of place (luxating patella).  This occurs mostly in small and miniature dog breeds. Signs of a luxated patella will be sudden hopping on a back leg.  This is usually temporary as your dog should "pop" the knee cap (patella) back into place by himself or herself.  It is recommended to have your dog examined if this is happening as it can worsen with time.
  4. Tapeworms and roundworms.  Roundworms may be seen in your dog's or cat's stool.  They look like cooked spaghetti noodles.  Tapeworms look like dry rice and may hang on your pet's fur around the anus. Please bring your dog or cat in for medication if you are seeing either of these.  Roundworms pose a zoonotic danger, meaning they can be spread to people or other pets, so treatment is very important.

If you are seeing any of the above conditions or problems with your pet, please call to make an appointment!

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