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Events and Specials

 Athens & Phillips Veterinary Spring Special!


March 1st – April 12th 2019

New this year, Spring Equine Package!

 Spring Equine Package $110


  • Vaccines – Vetera Gold (west nile, eastern/western/tetanus, flu rhino)
  • Physical Exam
  • Oral Exam with speculum (sedation drug fees not included if needed)
  • Coggins             

 Á la carte Pricing:

                                                                    REG PRICE                           SPECIAL

COGGINS         1-3 HORSES                     $30                                          $25

                          4 + HORSES                     $28                                          $23

WEST NILE/EWT                                        $40                                          $33

VETERA GOLD (wn, ewt, flu rhino)             $60.50                                     $50

STRANGLES (PINNACLE)                          $33.50                                     $25

RABIES                                                        $9.50                                       $8

Fecal Egg Count                                          $17.50                                     $15

*No discount on professional fees unless purchasing the package

*No discounts on trip charge/extra miles

*Need an e-mail address for coggins & try to have horses clean for pictures displaying all markings

*Clients must have a veterinarian give the vaccination in order to receive the special pricing. No discounts on dispensed vaccines!